Stay the season

Are you a snow fanatic who loves to ski/snowboard generally two or more weeks over the season?

Perhaps you are kinder to your body and prefer some long-weekend options, or even mixing up your ski crowd with the family holiday and the mates holiday.

Perhaps, in these work-from-home times, you have the opportunity to live that winter playground dream.

Well, consider a different holiday experience this year. Hire your own ski property for the whole season and give yourself the space and flexibility you need

Prospects For 2020/2021 Season

The Covid pandemic is creating a need for personal space. Luckily, playing on the white stuff is an outdoor sport so being socially distant, whilst you try to look cool coming down the slopes, is manageable (well, maybe not the looking cool bit).

Wearing face coverings will be mandatory and resorts are looking at fogging technology and other sanitising processes to regularly clean the cable cars and bubbles. However, the real in-resort challenge will be accommodation – will there be enough and how to stay-safe?

Lots of small chalet companies have shut shop and Crystal Ski has already announced it will not operate chalets this winter. It’s likely other large operators will make similar cuts, pushing more pressure onto resort apartments and hotels, driving up demand and prices.

A still open question is whether resorts will have to restrict weekly capacity to help with lift queue loading and restaurant spacing. An undesired status for them financially, but it would certainly affect those hoping for last minute bargains, particularly as safe travel corridors fluctuate.

Is It Cost Effective?

Seasonal properties come in all sizes and locations, with pricing ranging between €5000 for a basic studio/1 bed apartment sleeping 4 near Meribel, up to €100,000 for a 12-person luxury chalet in Val d’Isere.

Add up your typical accommodation costs for two or more weeks duration and you will see how the total can be comparable to a full seasonal property rental, especially if you travel the premium weeks each season.

Renting a seasonal ski property means it’s your winter home at your disposal. It will give you the personal space away from communal chalets and hotels and the travel flexibility to arrive/leave when you want. Great for short breaks when fresh snowfall is expected.

 Seasonal Rental Benefits

 It’s private to you for the whole of the season with no worry about communal space sharing. The best bit is you can leave your stuff there and travel light.

 A single price – No pricing algorithms looking at supply and demand fluctuations

 No booking pressure for the peak weeks – great for families

 You can share the property with family or friends. Whether skiing together in a ‘bubble’, or for use at different times.

 Available anytime – use it when you want and for how long you want. Great for last minute decisions if there is fresh snowfall promised.

If you don’t fancy post-stay cleaning or laundry, then you can just leave it (well, it is your dirt!). That said, there are many in-resort services available to cover the chores and meal delivery is now starting to catch on and may be quite a thing this winter for restaurant ‘chez-nous’ eating.

If the idea of having a winter property at your disposal is tickling your snow-sport juices then give a call for a conversation about the possibilities.